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If you want to study and learn Karate and not just rack belts this is the Dojo for you. Sensei Don is The Man! My daughter has been taking martial arts classes since she was 6. This is by far the best school I have been to. Sensei Don is hard working, honest, down to earth and committed to teaching Karate. This is a small school that can give you the attention and time you need to really learn the art. A boutique school especially if you want to compete at the highest levels. The price is very reasonable. I highly recommend this Dojo.
- Shawn Thomas

My son and I came to Warrior Spirit Karate almost a year ago. Best choice I ever made! Sensei Don is a well rounded guy and knows his stuff. He teaches the younger kids on their level and challenges them just enough to learn while having fun. Great price for such an amazing experience you can't put into words. Highly recommended for all ages.
- Kristina Bentley

Both of our kids love this place. Don Mathews is a wonderful instructor. He knows what he teaches and makes sure the students do also. Belts and ranks are earned here not "handed out monthly" like other places. By your hard work you will be invited to take a belt test when Don believes you are ready. He teaches skills, culture, words all true to the style he practices. Weather you want to do it for personal growth, exercise or to compete in tournaments Don will help you achieve your goals.
- Kevin Yowell

My 6 1/2 year old son Mario loves going to his karate classes! We are absolutely grateful for Sensei Don and his team; not just for the karate lessons but for the life skills they teach to our son. We highly recommend Warrior Spirit Karate to all the parents out there who are looking for a place that will make a difference in their children's life.
- Sandy Franco-Ruiz

When you think about karate the first thing that comes to mind is self defense and yes you will learn that but you get so much more from it.......respect, honor, patience, family values, life lessons that you can only get from a place like this and from a sensei like Don of the the best choices we have ever made bringing our daughter here.
- Amanda Liosis-Beavers

It all started with my son wanting to be like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and then we got a flyer from Warrior Spirit Karate during the Arts in the Alley parade and my son wanted to give it a try. That was over two years ago and he is still going strong. He loves it and has learned so much as well as made new friends. Everyone there is very nice and patient when working with the students. Not only do they teach karate skills, they also teach some important life lessons such as setting goals, respecting others and being responsible. I would highly recommend Warrior Spirit Karate if you have a child that is interested.
- Christy Giehl Stout

My daughter joined Warrior Spirit Karate in the fall of 2014. She had just turned 8 and struggled with self confidence and anxiety. I joined a year later at the age of 39 - something I've wanted to do my entire life. Over the past couple of years, karate has become an unexpected instrumental part of our lives. It is our special "Mommy and Me" time amidst our challenging schedules. We both continue to learn new skills and techniques, but most importantly, it has given us a much stronger foundation that applies to every aspect of our daily lives. Confidence, self control, discipline, respect, integrity, focus, patience: These are some of the priceless attributes that karate has strengthened within us. Since joining karate, my daughter is much more disciplined, confident, and ambitious. She now regularly achieves honor roll at school, plays 4 instruments, joined Awana, praise team, and choir, orchestrated a coat drive for the homeless, plays softball, and fell in love with skiing. We are forever grateful for Sensei Don and the Warrior Spirit Karate family.
- Melissa Maxwell Marcum

My daughter has been attending Warrior Spirit Karate for 4 years now. She loves it and always looks forward to going. Sensei Don is an amazing instructor. He has not only taught her about karate, but about coordination, confidence, patience and teamwork.
- Clay Carrie Davis

Great place to learn and everyone is so nice. Im so glad my son get to attend classes here. His behavior at school is so much better since attending Warrior Spirit. I am able to learn along with him and he has so much fun learning karate. Sensei Don, sensei Craig and Mary are all wonderful.
- Staci Smith

This place is great. My son not only has learned karate , he is learning about being a confident respectable young man.
- Tara Carbone

Great place to learn and practice something new and fun. Teaches balance and core values for everyone.
- Karen Gray-Medina

Our son has been going to Warrior Spirit Karate for 2.5 years, and we love it. The Sensei's are very knowledgeable and great with kids.
- Kassi Speakman

Best "extra curricular" activity for my grandson and myself. Sensei Don, Craig and Mary are awesome!
- Joni Mounts Penwell

Great place for my two boys,they really learn a lot of skills here.... thanks warrior spirit.
- Ellen Ellie Dixon

Great place for the kids, to learn discipline and respect while having fun.
- Shane Barnes

This is were I take karate. I started with 4 of my kids, but one by one they didn't want to do it anymore, but I stayed and I love it. This is a family. I know how the kids do in school and what's going on in there life and I talk to their parents all the time, it's great. Sensei Don is a true teacher, he is not a belt factory, if you don't know it you don't get to take the test. He loves the students and genuinely cares about them (all ages). Parents bring your children and come have fun. Change you and your child's life.
- Kevin Baker

We are so happy taking our 7 year old here. Sensei Don is an amazing instructor and great with kids. Intro class is very affordable.
- Chris Bailey


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